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Brian Carroll

For President

We deserve a statesman committed to leading a government that considers the common good when implementing policy. No longer do people of good will have to choose between the lesser of two evils. Vote your conscience and make the duopoly take notice. Vote Carroll/Patel in 2020.

A Statesman For Our Time

Our leadership has failed us. While they worry about scoring cheap political points and getting reelected, families and communities languish.

Brian Carroll will speak for sound principles and justice for all.


History Repeats Itself

Christian Democracy evolved in Europe as a moral response to the specters of capitalism and socialism which attacked the soul of the working class during the industrial revolution.

As a history teacher, Brian knows that the principles of personalism, solidarity, subsidiarity, and sphere sovereignty transcend all faith traditions and need to be understood by all Americans.


Personalism is an intellectual position that emphasizes the centrality of human persons. In the political context, it emphasizes the development of human potential especially recognize that personality is fully developed in community. This is in opposition to the liberal mindset of individualism and the fascist mindset of the primacy of state.


A spirit of solidarity maintains that we are indeed meant to be our brother’s keeper and to love our neighbor as ourself. Acknowledging that we thrive in community and that our own development is truly limited by the sufferings of the weakest among us, we must always seek to stand on common ground to aid the less fortunate.


Subsidiarity is the organizing principle that justice is best served when decisions are made by the closest and most competent authority to those who will be impacted.

Not to be confused with pure localism, subsidiarity acknowledges some state functions must be handled in a centralized fashion, but care must always be taken to use prudence to decide when a smaller, local governing body could better handle a task.

Sphere Sovereignty

Sphere sovereignty declares each sphere of life, e.g. church, state, education, media, etc. has its own competency and responsibilities and stands equal in importance and power to the others.

In governance, only when justice is threatened should the state interfere to restore balance.


Consistent Life Ethic

Brian believes without qualification that all human life is precious from conception to natural death. He denounces the culture of death that promotes abortion, euthanasia, capital punishment, and assisted suicide as necessary evils.

In addition, he believes America’s role of global policing must stop. Unjust wars and overzealous military intervention have caused more death and destruction than they have prevented and respect for life has dimished as a result.


Brian believes capitalism is against a free market because when the size of the bottom line drives all decision making the average person no longer has freedom to act in the market place.

Distributism stakes a superior ground between capitalism and socialism declaring the greater ownership people have in their productive effort the more dignity they have in their lives. 

Technological innovations now allow us the flexibility to organize in large scale cooperatives where workers can own the means of production and cease being wage slaves to capital.


About Brian Carroll

Brian and Vicki Carroll have been married for 46 years and have lived primarily in Visalia, California, since 1977. They have 5 children and 14 grandchildren. Brian spent 44 years of his life as an educator, mostly teaching history to 7th and 8th graders. He spent nine years abroad in Colombia, teaching children of missionaries. He is an Evangelical Christian and passionately supports whole life politics, which respect the dignity of all human life from conception to natural death. He ran for Congress against Devin Nunes in the 2018 California primary.

Mission & Values

I believe the American Solidarity Party is first and foremost a party that confronts the culture of death that surrounds us.  We will not win everywhere, but we must constantly look for ways we can win victories, anywhere that God grants us those successes. Life issues are also social justice issues, and now critical climate issues have become life issues.  This means that on some subjects, our allies will be from parties to the right of us, and on others, parties to the left. Such a tightrope will require leaders who are able to cultivate friendships on both sides, yet not stumble into self-defeating compromises.  The other tightrope will be running a secular campaign that manages to glorify God. That is my goal.

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Get Involved

The campaign needs the help of every single person who wants a choice beyond the lesser of two evils. Brian Carroll wants to be that voice for millions of Americans who believe that family and community are still things worth sacrificing for. Whether you can donate a few dollars or a few hours of your precious time, we appreciate your support.

We believe that we will proudly tell our children one day that we supported a statesman in an era inundated with politicians who don’t believe in the common good is worth anything beyond a campaign slogan. Brian Carroll and the American Solidarity Party believe that all policy decisions should start with consideration of all of society will benefit especially its weakest members. Join the Solidarity Army. 

Don’t Forget to Vote!

We can put Brian on a lot of state ballots, but if you want to write him in remember to vote Brian Carroll for President, Amar Patel for Vice-President








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