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I returned Saturday night from a three-week, 6,500 mile, twelve-state campaign swing in which I was both the candidate and the driver, to find a very different campaign. While I was participating in both the New Orleans conference of Rehumanize International, and the Presidential Politics Conference put on by Dordt University in Sioux Center, Iowa, one team redesigned this website. while a second team got the campaign set up on Twitter. In Louisiana, I did my first TV interview, and while in Iowa, the Catholic Herald published the most detailed description of our campaign that we have yet received. We still have no paid staff, but we now do have a donations button. While passing through Missouri, I got to meet Russ Saltzman, who has volunteered to be the campaign treasurer. We are adding volunteers much faster than I can meet or even acknowledge them. Last night I closed Facebook long enough to go to church, and came back to find 38 notifications.

Some trip highlights: