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(I am finally back to catching up at my desk after three Life events in January: One Life LA, Stand for Life Oakland, and Walk for Life West Coast in San Francisco. This post first appeared on Facebook, January 20th.)

I hope to say more later about yesterday’s #OneLifeLA, but one off-topic vignette:

I had my first experiences working with immigrant families in Chinatown, Los Angeles, fifty years ago. During my junior and senior years at UCLA, and then again while earning my teaching credential at CSULA, I tutored English for a few hours each week at Castelar Elementary School. Yesterday’s march passed one block east of Castelar. As I was marching with my 30,000 new friends, I saw a woman of perhaps 60-years-old trying to maneuver through the crowd ahead of us. It was obvious that she wanted to get a picture of Skylar Covich and me carrying our banner. Skylar is blind, and I was guiding him with the pole on the banner. I slowed him down, to let some of the people who were blocking her shot clear out ahead of us.

She got her picture, and gave me a big thumbs-up. I gave her one of my cards. Then she got the attention of a nearby group of four twenty-somethings, and with a thick immigrant accent, but the obvious pride of a mother, she called out, “They voting!”