Wholelife means defending the weakest among us

I have an unwavering commitment to defend life and to promote policies that safeguard the intrinsic dignity of the human person from conception until natural death. I support a constitutional amendment. clarifying that there is no right to abortion, as well as laws that prohibit or restrict abortion and its funding.I also support an end to capital punishment, assisted suicide and euthanasia. I agree with the American Solidarity Party that being pro-life is a both/and proposition, both legal protection of human life and social spending that sustains the dignity of our neighbors.

Wholelife means that your worth is not determined by your value to the economy

I agree with the American Solidarity Party that believes that political economy (economics) is a branch of political ethics, and therefore I reject models of economic behavior that undermine. human dignity with greed and naked self-interest. I advocate for an economic system which focuses on creating a society of wide-spread ownership (sometimes referred to as “distributism”) rather than having the effect of degrading the human person as a cog in the machine.

Wholelife means a healthy planet

We are responsible to care for the earth so that present and future generations can enjoy the benefits of a healthy environment, including clean air and water and the rich biodiversity that is our heritage. The American Solidarity Party rejects the notion that environmental stewardship requires either diminished workers’ rights or population control. Maintaining our environment will require individuals, businesses, and local communities taking responsibility for their contributions; however, due to the national and global nature of the environment, we see an appropriate role for our federal and state governments in adopting and enforcing evidence-based policies regarding pollution, climate change, and alternative forms of energy.

Wholelife means working for peace

The American Solidarity Party is committed to policies which will bring about a more peaceful world through international cooperation and prudent restraint in the use of military force. Peace is not just an absence of war, but the positive presence of justice and charity among people and among nations. The United States should use its diplomatic influence and soft power to promote an international order that respects the dignity of the human person. Administrations of both parties have pursued a policy of reckless overreach, at great cost to both ourselves and other nations. Through its military, political, and economic interventions, the United States has exacerbated social and environmental instability in Latin America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and elsewhere. In the place of this tired elite consensus, we need a foreign policy with both a realistic appreciation of our country’s interests and a steadfast adherence to its values.

Wholelife means healthcare is a common good

Federal and state governments should collaborate to guarantee universal healthcare by diverse means, including single-payer initiatives, direct subsidization of provider networks, subsidized education for medical professionals willing to work in rural areas, support for cost-sharing programs and mutual aid societies, home care grants, simplified regulation, and the easing of restrictions on the importation of prescription drugs.

Wholelife means caring about debt inequality

Even in a perfectly just economy, there will be haves and have nots, but the United States cannot continue to call itself a world leader and modern country when our wealth inequality rivals third world nations. We need to reconsider the way we allow economic rents (inefficiencies in speculation, management salaries, patent trolling, etc) to create massive amounts of wealth transfer from labor and capital income to passive income.

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